Employment Application

We will hold each other accountable in a respectful manner for meeting this standard of behavior.


Our appearance is a reflection of Monroe County Hospital & Clinics (MCHC). We will consider our customers’ expectations in how we present ourselves. We will take pride in our facility and personal appearance.

We will demonstrate our commitment to a professional appearance by:

  • Following MCHC and departmental dress code.
  • Wearing I.D. badges at eye level, where they can be easily seen.
  • Keeping our environment clean and free of clutter, by picking up trash in and on the hospital campus.

Commitment to People

Monroe County Hospital & Clinics employees are linked together by a common purpose, common mission, and common goals. We believe through teamwork we can produce better results than we would collectively produce as individuals. We are truly committed to excellence; therefore we must help each other be accountable to our mission and values.

We will demonstrate our commitment to teammates by:

  • Dealing with issues/concerns by going directly to the person or people involved.
  • Being respectful to each other and understand that tension may exist in a busy environment.
  • Managing up teammates, leaders and yourself.
  • Respecting each other’s time by arriving on time for shifts, meetings & appointments.
  • Being honest in dealing with others and always keeping your word.
  • Being supportive and professional with each other in our interactions and in front of others.

Professional Attitude & Courtesy

We believe we are here to serve our customers. We are committed to providing very good care and service. We will strive to exceed the expectations of everyone we serve.

We will demonstrate our commitment to a professional attitude of courtesy and respect by:

  • Exhibiting a positive attitude.
  • Escorting customers to their destination.
  • Keep noise in and around patient care areas and hallways to a minimum.
  • Listen attentively to those we serve.
  • Take immediate action on concerns and requests.


Good communication is the foundation of a positive customer experience. At MCHC, we are committed to understanding and addressing needs. Our messages will be delivered in a consistent, clear, and courteous manner.

We will commit to effective communication by:

  • Introducing ourselves by name and title on the phone and in person.
  • Always acknowledging every person you encounter.
  • Always asking “is there anything else I can do for you?”.
  • Committing to utilizing AIDET (Acknowledge, Introduce, Duration, and Explanation & Thank You) in all situations as appropriate.
  • Remain positive about MCHC whether on or off duty
  • Involving patients care decisions by providing explanations in terms they can understand and encouraging patients to express fears/concerns and ask questions.
  • Appropriately and responsibly share information ensuring privacy protection.


We will work together to ensure our customer’s right to privacy. We will create and maintain a secure and trusting environment, treating all information confidentially. Discussion of patient information will be restricted to situations where it is necessary to meet their health needs.

We will demonstrate respect for our customer’s privacy by:

  • Not discussing protected health information (PHI) in public areas (i.e. hallways, Bistro, etc.) including community activities
  • Always knocking before entering.
  • Closing curtains or doors and explaining to the patient that you are doing this to maintain their privacy.
  • Respecting organizational confidentiality
  • Maintaining awareness of surroundings when having conversations


Safety at Monroe County Hospital & Clinics must be the number one priority to ensure personal safety and security of each Customer and Employee. We will promote a safe environment for those we serve. We will identify and proactively deal with these risks.

We will demonstrate our commitment to safety by:

  • Actively participating in safety drills and being accountable for my role to protect our patients, my coworkers and myself.
  • Utilizing approved and available safety devices.
  • Following federal, state, OSHA and MCHC’s procedures regarding safety.

Organizational & Personal Development

We are committed to continuous improvement and recognizing processes that can be improved or standardized. We must continue to grow and learn in order to improve outcomes.

We will demonstrate our commitment to organizational & personal development by:

  • Seeking self-development opportunities to learn and grow, both professionally and personally
  • Actively support, mentor and coach to foster a constructive learning environment.
  • Always look for better ways to provide care for of our community.

Sense of Ownership

We believe that ownership is our promise to be responsible for our own attitudes and behaviors, to take action when we see opportunity and need, and to be fiscally responsible to MCHC as if it was our own. We take pride in what we do and recognize our work is a reflection of who we are as individuals and as owners in the health care profession.

We will demonstrate a sense of ownership by:

  • Creating a culture that helps people feel appreciated and valued.
  • Eliminating waste and reducing costs by making efficient use of time and resources without compromising patient care.
  • Being accountable for the individual and team commitments we make to MCHC.