Our entire team is committed to making each and every contact with you special. We are here to exceed your expectations; that’s the way we believe healthcare should be.

We are a MercyOne Affiliate, which allows us to partner with MercyOne-Des Moines through a management and CAH agreement. Monroe County Hospital & Clinics Board of Trustees maintains complete control of Monroe County Hospital & Clinics operations, while taking advantage of the cost savings, management expertise and educations offerings available to a larger, tertiary facility such as MercyOne.


Monroe County Hospital & Clinics highest mission is a promise to create a world-class health care experience.


Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will be regarded as the safest Hospital system in America. We will be recognized for our unparalleled service, unwavering commitment to safety and a relentless pursuit of value.


Safety, Service, Ownership, Teamwork, Transparency, Continuous Improvement, and Celebration


We believe that it must be the number one priority of Monroe County Hospital & Clinics to ensure the personal safety and security of each Customer and Employee. We will foster an environment that identifies risks to the operation and proactively deal with these issues before they become injuries, accidents or incidents.

We believe that our reputation is determined by our service and that our work must be done with the intent of delighting our patients, staff and physicians. We must never inconvenience our valued customers.

We believe that ownership is our promise to be responsible for our attitudes and behaviors, to take action when we see opportunity and need, and to respectfully treat Monroe County Hospital & Clinics as our own.

We believe that through teamwork we can produce better results than we would collectively produce as individuals. And, as teammates should, we pledge to add value to our relationships and help each other be accountable to our mission and values.

We believe that transparency leads to ownership, action and accountability. We pledge to share openly, yet responsibly.

We believe in continuous improvement and recognize that everything we do is a process that can be improved, standardized or eliminated. Each of us must participate, continue to learn and grow, and apply evidence-based learnings in order to provide better outcomes than our competition. We believe we have a social responsibility to share our story to make all health care facilities better places to work, receive care and practice medicine.

We believe we can and should have fun at work. We should recognize that individual and team success is cause for celebration, and we should focus on what’s right in health care.