Access MyMCHC Portal

MyMCHC Portal conveniently provides you with easy, online access to portions of your medical records and test results 24-hours a day.

MyMCHC Portal is free to use, simple to sign-up for, and is completely secure. Only you and your MCHC care team will have access to your private health information.


General Information and Enrollment

What is MyMCHC Portal?
How do I sign up?
How do I claim my invitation?
What if I didn’t receive my invitation email?
Can I view a family member’s health record in MyMCHC Portal?
I don’t have any information in MyMCHC Portal account. Why?
Why are my results listed in metric values?

Technical Questions

I forgot my password. What should I do?
Is MyMCHC Portal secure?
Who is Cerner?
I want to “Bookmark” or set a “Favorite” link to the MyMCHC Portal Login page. What is the best link to save?

MyMCHC Portal Features

When can I see test results in MyMCHC Portal?
Are all test results shared electronically via MyMCHC Portal?
Will MyMCHC Portal allow me to make online prescription renewal requests?
Will MyMCHC Portal allow me to make online appointment requests?
Where will secure messages sent through MyMCHC Portal go?
How soon will I hear back from my care team after sending a secure message?
Are there situations where I shouldn’t use online messaging through MyMCHC Portal?
What should I do if corrections to my health record are needed?
Can I use MyMCHC Portal to communicate an emergency?


Please contact Social Services at (641) 932-1757.