Orthopedics made personal

Orthopedics services offered at Monroe County Hospital & Clinics

What is Orthopedics?

Orthopedics focuses on the care of the skeletal system, musculoskeletal issues, and interconnecting parts. Our Orthopedic Specialists treat a wide variety of conditions, offer nonsurgical treatments, and surgical treatments.

When to see an orthopedic specialist?

  • Pain or swelling in a bone, joint, or muscle that’s persistent, recurring, or doesn’t respond to at-home care.
  • A significant decrease in mobility or range of motion of a joint, such as your knee, elbow, or shoulder.
  • Trouble performing your daily activities.
  • Nerve-related symptoms, such as numbness and tingling or a “pins and needles” sensation in your arms or legs.
  • An injury to a bone or joint that needs the attention of a specialist.

Shehada Homedan, MD

Dr. Homedan, Orthopedic Surgeon, uses the latest techniques in orthopedic care and provides a continuum of services from carpal tunnel repairs to diagnostic arthroscopies of the knee and shoulder to total joint replacement of the shoulder, hip, and knee. Dr Homedan provides trauma care as well, handling fractures of all types.

Bradley Hill, PA-C

Bradley Hill, PA-C

Bradley is a Board-Certified Physician’s Assistant holding more than seven years of experience in the Orthopedics field. He orders and interprets imaging, handles casting and splinting, closed reduction of fractures and dislocations, and joint injections.

Michael A. Gainer, MD

Michael A. Gainer, MD, Hand & Upper Extremity Surgeon, is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon. Dr. Gainer is originally from Belleville, Illinois, and has been practicing medicine since 2003. He was the Chief Resident at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine from 1999-2000. He holds a subspecialty certification in hand surgery and holds membership in several medical societies. Dr. Gainer provides services with carpal tunnel, cubital tunnel, ganglion cyst, distal radius fractures, finger fractures, trigger fingers, thumb arthritis, De Quervian’s, dupuytrens, work-related injuries and independent medical examination.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Homedan or Dr. Gainer, please call the Susan Allison Outpatient Clinic at 641-932-1678. A referral is not required.