Heather Leshen – Assistant Chief Nursing Officer/Trauma Nurse Coordinator

Heather LeshenHeather has been nominated for the DAISY (Diseases of the Auto Immune System) Award as well as the Iowa Hospital Association Hospital Hero Award. Recently, she was promoted to the Assistant Chief Nursing Officer position. There is a reason why Heather is always the person at the “head of the line”, the one that is sought after when help is needed, and when leadership is required. She is a natural!

A “natural” is a person regarded as having an innate gift or talent for a particular task or activity. Heather has that talent whether she is taking care of a trauma patient or completing the schedule for staff. She is a wife and mother, perfectly meshing those duties with that of a nursing leader. A large part of her charisma is the attention and care she gives to each patient that she serves. She gives equally when contributing to a committee project or participating on an events team to plan fun for employees at special times.

Outstanding attributes of her personality are that she is continually upbeat, positive, and seems to have been born without the emotion of anger. She talks about her family, sharing stories that make co-workers laugh, yet she is the first one they or their friends call when problems occur. Employees rely on her as well, for happy times as well as stressful times.

The Chief Nursing Officer, Gale Herrera, states that “everyone welcomes her to their group because of her work ethic, nursing knowledge, cheerfulness, and ability to unify a team. She is like my right arm and gets tasks completed and makes her job look effortless, when I know it isn’t. Everyone needs a Heather!”

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