Jayde Comstock, RN, BSN – Registered Nurse (Medical-Surgical)

Leah RaskieAs a Registered Nurse for Monroe County Hospital & Clinics (MCHC), Jayde provides direct patient care on the inpatient floor (Medical-Surgical). She helps people who are sick and at a hard time in their life to get back to their baseline. Some of her duties are to pass medications, assist patients with their activities of daily living, provide support for patients and their families, perform assessments and monitor for changes in patient’s conditions all while working hand in hand with many people on the team to give the patients the best care they deserve and need.

“I am a huge people person and always love helping others,” stated Jayde Comstock, RN, BSN. “I get to help others when they are at a tough time in their life. I love getting to see people get better. I see them when they are at their worst and I get to help them progress towards becoming who they were before they came in and heal them back to their baseline. It is amazing to see people make progress and to be a part of that process.”

As a child, Jayde wanted to be a vet. She knew she wanted to be in the “healthcare field” whether it was with animals or people. Jayde knew she wanted to be in a profession where she could help others when they need it most.

Jayde found MCHC after talking with a friend who was a nurse on the medical-surgical floor at MCHC. She was out of nursing school and trying to find a job and wasn’t sure what direction to take. After speaking with her friend that works at MCHC and hearing how much she loves it, Jayde pursued her search for a position with MCHC and obtained her first job! “I found it interesting how well everyone at MCHC works together,” stated Jayde. “Everyone is so welcoming and made my first nursing job easier to adjust to.”

Jayde enjoys spending time with her family and friends outside of work hours. Her family and friends mean the world to her! She views herself as a stronger person based on a recent experience of juggling a full-time job and a home life all while going through school for her bachelor’s degree…and planning a wedding. Jayde shares, “It taught me a lot of time management skills and made me realized when I set goals….I don’t stop until I achieve them.”

Leah leaves everyone with these words of advice, “Love what you do.”
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