Jill Witt, Communications & Foundation Coordinator

Chad TeeterJill Witt has been in the marketing and communication field for 15 years and has been employed at Monroe County Hospital & Clinics (MCHC) since August 2016. Jill started her career with MCHC as a Foundation Coordinator transitioning into the Communications & Foundation Coordinator.

“As a little girl, I always dreamed of becoming a famous singer,” stated Jill, “but, after maturing…I knew that wasn’t going to happen, so then I looked into what I loved to do most – photography, design, art, technology, being creative….and I knew instantly that I wanted to work in the marketing/communication/graphic design fields.”

Some of Jill’s responsibilities as the Communications Coordinator include graphic design, advertising through local networks such as the newspaper, radio stations, social media, collaborating with print shops on all professional pieces, billboard creation, scheduling and planning community events, reporting MCHC community benefits, conducting market analysis, updating the MCHC website, grant writing, and more. As a Foundation Coordinator for Monroe County Health Care Foundation, Jill keeps all files updated, plans quarterly meetings, announces ideas and opportunities to participate in, plans events that will benefit MCHC and the community, grant writing, organizes an annual appeal, and more.

Jill shares, “My main goal every day is to be happy. No matter what trials I face, no matter how old I get. Happiness is the key to all things great.”

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