Leah Raskie – Medical Technologist (Lab)

Leah RaskieAs a Medical Technologist for Monroe County Hospital & Clinics Lab, Leah performs and analyzes the results of scientific tests on blood and bodily fluids. “My love of all things science is what inspired me to become what I am today,” shares Leah. “I enjoy getting to know each patient, especially those we see regularly.”

As a child, Leah dreamed of becoming either a Meteorologist or Archaeologist. Her love for science has led her in the medical direction. Leah describes herself as hardworking, reliable and helpful.

“Leah is such an outstanding employee I wish I could clone her,” shares Erica Martinez, Laboratory Manager. “Her attention to detail and work ethic are so exceptional, she makes my job much easier.”

Outside of the work life, Leah enjoys spending time with family and sleeping in. She compares herself to Baby Yoda. 🙂 In Leah’s words, “He’s cute, sweet and causes a little mischief.” When asked what the coolest trend is currently, Leah responded with, “Today’s youth culture becoming more interested in social movements. I think it’ll better the world for the future.”

Leah leaves everyone with these words of advice, “Love what you do.”
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