Pamela Raduechel, Materials Management Manager

pamela raduechelPamela is the Materials Management Manager for Monroe County Hospital & Clinics (MCHC). As the Materials Management Manager, Pamela helps with ordering, purchasing and receiving supplies for patients and employees keeping them healthy and safe. Pamela coordinates the process of buying materials, products and services, ensuring all departments are taken care of to the best of their ability. She also ensures efficient service of continuous supply of bought materials at a minimum cost; a substantial benefit to MCHC.

Pamela was introduced to MCHC by a friend, also employee of MCHC. “I am thankful for the flexibility of work/life blend at MCHC, and furthermost, I enjoy the people I work with and doing something I love to do – SHOP!” stated Pamela. What she is referencing is the gift shop located by Main Registration in MCHC called, The Look Nook. If you have not had time to check it out, it is a must!

Pamela views herself as a caring, loving and inspirational individual. MCHC witnesses these traits in Pamela on a daily basis. She not only is a kind hearted individual, she goes above and beyond to help anyone in need. When asking Pamela what she would be doing instead of her current career, she responded, “I would love to be an advocate for the elderly.” She is a strong individual. Pamela shared with us, both of her parents have dementia and putting them in a long-term care facility made her a stronger individual.

In her off time, Pamela enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, family, shopping and attending church. Her favorite fictional character is the helper of Santa Clause. Pamela shares, “I love the gift of giving.”

Pamela defines success as respect and happiness. She shares, “Especially when my granddaughter is asked at school who her super hero is and she says her Grandma Pam Pam. This makes my heart very happy!”

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