Susie Smith – Cook, Nutritional Services

Susie SmithSusie Smith is a Cook in MCHC’s Nutritional Services department. She is a dedicated employee that exceeds daily with her duties, which include: cooking, answering phones, preparing meal trays, delivering meal trays, washing dishes and helping with any other duty that needs assistance. “I enjoy the people I work with most at MCHC,” Susie shared. Susie makes it a daily habit to be kind, respect others and see the best in everything. She is a hardworking employee that gained this strength from her mother and grandparents whom she dearly looks up to.

Susie learned about MCHC from Sherry Lippert, Nutritional Services Manager. Sherry informed Susie that MCHC is a great place to work. When Susie is not at work, she is a family gal. Susie enjoys spending time with her husband and four daughters.

When asked if she could become one fictional character, Susie’s response was, “Mary Poppins! So my house remained clean and supper would always be ready upon returning home from running kids from hobby to hobby.”

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