Mikhail Shkiryak, ARNP

Mikhail Shkiryak, ARNP joins Neurology and Sleep Clinic with several years of nursing experience in the long-term care, skilled rehabilitation, and ER settings. Throughout his experience, he has worked with patients with a wide range of neurological conditions. Mikhail will be working primarily with patients who have headaches, memory disorders, and sleep disorders.

Mikhail obtained his Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at the University of Iowa. He completed his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at the University of Iowa, and his Registered Nurse degree at Des Moines Area Community College.

Mikhail has lived in rural Iowa for the past 18 years. Most of his clinical rotations were completed in rural southern Iowa locations, where specialty care for neurological conditions is limited and difficult to access for many rural residents. Mikhail is passionate about meeting the needs of this population and providing much-needed neurological care

Specialty: Neurology
Contact: (319) 754-4400
Location:1225 South Gear Ave. Mercy Plaza Suite 153 West Burlington, IA 52655