Brian Teeter named to the list of 100 Great Iowa Nurses

We are proud to announce that Brian Teeter, Surgical Manager, was recently named to the list of 100 Great Iowa Nurses for 2015! Since starting at MCHC in 2004, Brian has been an key member of the MCHC Team.

“Not only does Brian exemplify the qualities that the 100 Great Iowa Nurses program finds valuable, but also the MCHC standards,” said Kaylee Siebrecht, Director of Human Resources. “He is a leader, mentor, and respected nurse. I have never met a patient or coworker that has had a bad experience with Brian,” she continued.

When asked how she felt about Brian winning this prestigious award Gale Herrera, Chief Nursing Officer had this to say, “I am so very proud of him, but not surprised. He sets a great example in our organization in all aspects of his life. He has served in the military, is a proud husband, father, and grandfather, and is a minister. The team he directs compliments his leadership and I greatly enjoy working with him because he makes it easy to do so! Anyone would be proud to have someone like Brian a part of their community. I am so happy that he is a member of our team. “
The 100 Great Iowa Nurses award recognizes nurses that have made meaningful, lasting contributions to their patients, colleagues, and the nursing profession, and are viewed as mentors to other nursing professionals. Each year, the top 100 are chosen using a points system, by a panel of reviewers who are all past honorees.

Brian will receive his award during the 100 Great Iowa Nurses Ceremony on May 3rd. Again, congratulations on this well-deserved recognition, Brian!

Brian Teeter