Digital Mammography at MCHC

The Monroe County Hospital & Clinics is excited to announce the advancement to digital mammography.  The Radiology Department recently installed the new diagnostic technology further enhancing the standard of care offered in Monroe County.

A digital mammogram differs from a film mammogram in that it uses a special detector to capture and convert x-ray energy into a digital image. The procedure and appearance of the machine and even the images produced are very similar to a traditional film mammogram—the advantage really comes from the ability to manipulate the image electronically.

Digital mammography offers a number of practical advantages and patient conveniences:

1) Because there’s no waiting for film to be developed, digital images are immediately available. The technologist can evaluate the quality of the images as they are taken. That means patients spend less time in the exam room and rarely need to return for repeat images due to under or over exposures.

2) Brightness, darkness, or contrast can be adjusted and sections of an image can be magnified after the mammogram is complete making it easier to see subtle differences between tissues. The ability to increase contrast when imaging dense tissue is particularly important, as dense breast tissue and malignant cells both appear to be white on a film mammogram.

3) Digital images are easily stored and retrieved.

4) Transmission of images from one physician to another is quick and easy.

The upgrade to digital mammography was an investment of approximately $40,000 and was made possible utilizing financial resources provided by the Monroe County Health Care Foundation through funds raised at the 2011 Vegas event, the Komen Grant, and the Monroe County Mammography Fund- a nonprofit organization started by the MCHC Radiology Department.

Jenny Klyn, Radiology Manager, said “We’re excited to bring this new technology to Monroe County.  Knowing that our patients have a choice in where they receive mammogram services, being able to provide advanced technology along with our world-class customer service is a significant benefit.”

For more information about the new technology or to schedule an appointment, contact the Monroe County Hospital & Clinics Radiology Department at 641.932.1721 or visit