Equipment Purchased in Memory of Jeanne Church

Equipment Purchased in Memory of Jeanne Church

The MCHC Foundation recently purchased new equipment in memory of Jeanne Church, the late wife of MCHC Physician, Dr. Ted Church.  Dawn Maughan, Foundation Coordinator stated, “We would like to show our appreciation to Dr. Church and his family for the memorial donations made for Jeanne Church. With this donation, the Clinic was able to purchase 2 wheelchairs and a temporal artery thermometer. With increased patients in the Clinic, the availability of wheelchairs helps the patients comfort and aids in the efficiency of their care.”

Clinic manager Kendra Sinclair says, “We sincerely appreciate the Church Family for thinking of us as a way to honor their loved one.  This donation has already made an impact on our patients, as the wheelchairs are utilized several times each day.  This thermometer provides a comfortable, more reliable temperature reading, especially when working with pediatric patients.”

Foundation Coordinator, Dawn Maughan states “Because of this donation, and all the other donations that come into the Foundation, we are able to purchase needed equipment that make our facility more efficient and safer. MCHC Foundation would like to say thanks to the community members that consider the Foundation as a Memorial.”

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Nurses Tara Lenger and Jocelyn Casteel pictured with the new equipment.