Foundation News

The Monroe County Health Care Foundation is pleased to announce the purchase of ten new bed stand trays for the MCHC nursing department.  This purchase was made possible by generous gifts to the Foundation from the Vegas event last fall and annual appeal this winter.

The new bed stands have more than three times the space for personal items.  An additional tray pulls out and can be used for patient’s meals or patient care needs (i.e. dressing and IV changes).  This translates into greater comfort and convenience for the patient, family and employee because personal items do not have to be moved for meals or to perform patient care needs.  Patient belongings, tissues, magazines, drinks, and telephone are easily accessible and stay on the ‘main’ top tray.  Because they have more space, this reduces chances of patient falls from bed because they are reaching or getting out of bed for items placed elsewhere or have fallen off the tray.  The new trays also have molded areas for drinks and to contain small items such as pens or chapstick, which could be a fall hazard or create infection control concerns.

The total cost for 10 trays was approximately $6,000.  This purchase was entirely funded by gifts and support to the Monroe County Health Care Foundation.  The Foundation’s mission is to enhance health care in our rural area through its support of Monroe County Hospital & Clinics.