Foundation Purchases Ultrasound Machine

A recent purchase by the Monroe County Health Care Foundation helps Monroe County Hospital & Clinics’ to achieve its mission to provide patients a world-class health care experience. The Foundation purchased an Intelect Legend XT Ultrasound machine for the Physical Therapy Department at a cost of $3,600.

Ultrasound is used in therapy as a deep heating therapeutic modality that can be used to improve tissue mobility, including muscle, tendon, fascia, and ligaments. Ultrasound is also used for decreasing pain and inflammation in joints and muscles. Megan Irving, PT Department Manager states, “This particular machine is also equipped with electrical stimulation (E-Stim). E-Stim is used for pain management, muscle re-education, to decrease muscle spasms, and reduce edema. The US and E-Stim can also be used simultaneously to provide the same benefits as mentioned before. It’s an all-in-one machine.”

Todd Willert, MCHC CEO states, “As always, our thanks goes out to the Foundation for their support. We are continually looking at ways to make the patient experience better and to improve safety. This is one of those important projects that most likely wouldn’t have been accomplished without the Foundation’s generosity.”

The Monroe County Health Care Foundation uses fundraisers such as Jewelry is Fun, Scrubs and Beyond and Herberger’s Community Days coupon book sales to purchase equipment for MCHC. The next Jewelry is Fun sale is scheduled for Tuesday, November 4th.