MCHC Announces Health Fair

Monroe County Hospital & Clinics announced today that Hospice of Monroe County will now be known as Monroe County Hospice, effective immediately.  In addition, Monroe County Hospice will rebrand itself with a new logo similar to the Hospital’s.

“While we are proud to be Monroe County’s original hospice, we believe the connection to Monroe County Hospital & Clinics is more important than ever,” said Kim Higginbotham, Hospice Manager.  “As competition has grown, it’s becoming increasingly important for people to understand where their hospice options are coming from.  With the Hospital’s strong brand and presence in the community, it makes sense for our department to solidify our identity.”  The entire staff, location, phone number, and trusted care will remain unchanged.

“This name change is designed to remove public confusion and make things clearer,” said Shauna Griffin, Communications Manager. “Some people have no idea that Hospice of Monroe County has anything to do with Monroe County Hospital & Clinics while others already refer to us as Monroe County Hospice. Now the connection will be evident in the new logo and overall brand.”

Monroe County Hospice provides care for patients who have a terminal diagnosis of 6 months or less.  There is no charge to the patient or family for any services provided by Monroe County Hospice when related to the terminal illness.  Hospice Care is provided in the patient home, area nursing homes or hospital, when necessary.  Medicare, Medicaid and most private insurance companies cover Hospice Care.  Hospice services include many terminal diagnoses ranging from cancer and heart disease to dementia and general debilitation.  Our team consists of three registered nurses with specialty training in hospice, palliative and end-of-life care, a social worker, and an interdisciplinary team including a medical director, pharmacist, and chaplain.

For more information, contact a member of the Monroe County Hospice Team at (641) 932-1701 or visit them at their office located at the Monroe County Hospital & Clinics, best accessed through the main parking lot utilizing the East 3 Entrance.