MCHC Receives ServiShare Award

On September 21st at the ServiShare Fall Workers’ Compensation Program, Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will be recognized for the award ‘No Fall Injuries’ (no claims in the falls injury category for the period 6/30/09-6/30/11).

Let’s Break It Down
The award is No Employee Fall Injuries for the entire 12-month period. This is the 3rd consecutive year MCHC has been recognized for this achievement.

What This Means
• Evidence of a consistent focus on employee safety in our facility
• Financial savings for keeping our workman’s comp premiums low
• Clear alignment with our vision of being the safest hospital in the Nation

The Safety Team should be recognized for the hard work and dedication to ensuring our employees are safe at work. Over the years, this team has provided education, equipment and new  policies/processes that impact employee safety and risk for injuries such as falls.  Congratulations to the Safety Team and the entire Monroe County Hospital & Clinics team of employees for making MCHC a safe place to work!

Jane Koffman and Gail Allgood are scheduled to attend the Fall Workers’ Compensation Program and accept the award.