MCHC Technology Advances in Ultrasound & MRI

Monroe County Hospital & Clinics is excited to announce advances in technology for both ultrasound and MRI radiologic testing.

The Radiology Department recently signed an operating lease with Toshiba America Medical Solutions to use a new Toshiba Aplio 500 ultrasound machine, which was officially put into service on October 7th. Jenny Klyn, Radiology Manager, states, “The new machine will give us the latest technology to be able to penetrate deeper, produce more enhanced images and reprocess images as needed.” In addition, the new machine is ergonomically correct for the comfort of the sonographer. The footprint of the machine is much smaller and lighter to move to other areas of the facility. Klyn added, “We are very excited to continue offering all of our current ultrasound services to our customers, including echocardiograms through Iowa Heart.”

Shared Medical Services, the hospital’s mobile MRI provider, recently upgraded their MRI machine and truck. MCHC is now able to offer MRI exams on a Signa HD 1.5T 8 Channel MR System. The High Definition (HD) technology is designed to create high-definition MR images. EXCITE HD is designed to create high-definition MR images through a synergy between clinical applications and technology. The HD technology features significant advances in acquisition, gradients, and the human interface. Patients will also be able to experience their MRI with less noise; the new machine has the capabilities to offer headphones and music while the scan is being performed.