SHIIP Press Release

The Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIIP) is a free, objective, and confidential service offered through the State of Iowa to help people sort through confusing information about Medicare and health insurance. Trained and state-certified volunteer counselors assist thousands of Iowans annually, helping them save millions of dollars. These counselors can also upon request, assist with applications for, and enrollment in Medicare prescription drug plans, health plans, and assistance programs.

In 2002, Ruth Belzer was instrumental in starting the Albia SHIIP program sponsored by Monroe County Hospital. She set the foundation for the success of the program and volunteered tirelessly for fifteen years. To ensure that the program remained strong, she recruited competent and caring volunteers. Currently, Kathy Griffin and Ann Stocker are the local SHIIP volunteers. Ann recently stated, “As a new counselor at the Albia SHIIP office, I have a great appreciation for the program and the help that we can provide to Medicare recipients from the local area. Kathy Griffin and Martha Hornick have both earned a great deal of respect and appreciation from their clients.”

There are 62 SHIIP offices in Iowa staffed by 350 volunteers. The Albia SHIIP office was recognized at the Fall training session held in Des Moines, Iowa on October 11, 2021. Based on statistics from the 2020 Medicare open enrollment season, the Albia SHIIP office received state-wide recognition for being #3 in the State of Iowa for MIPPA. MIPPA is a grant received by the state that provides funding that helps clients receive financial assistance to pay their Medicare Part A & B deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance.

Albia SHIIP volunteer counselors, Kathy Griffin and Ann Stocker, will answer questions and provide one-on-one assistance upon request. The SHIIP office offers appointments year-round. For an appointment, please call 641-932-1703, or e-mail The Albia SHIIP office is located at the east entrance of Monroe County Hospital & Clinics, 6580 165th Street, Albia.