What Sets Us Apart


A lot of businesses claim to deliver outstanding care and service to the customer. It’s become a buzzword without a lot to back it up. At Monroe County Hospital & Clinics, we recognize that providing very good service is the best way to stay in business. And, it is our objective to deliver better service than anyone else in the world.

Over the past eight years, we have received some nice recognition at the national level. We’ve been asked to present at conferences across the country, more than 100 hospitals have called us or visited us to learn from us, and we’ve received a number of awards. But, we don’t do what we do for awards. Awards simply tell us that we are doing the right thing for our customers. Very good service starts with the employee. We believe that if you hire the best employees and give them the tools to deliver great service, that’s what you’ll get. It starts with our Standards of behavior – no one receives an employment application without agreeing to them. And we hire the best employees by letting our current team hire the people they will work with. It builds unity and ownership. We provide the training and tools to be successful – last year our 140 employees received more than 7,000 hours of training. And we celebrate success like no one else. In short, we want this to be the best job our teammates ever have.

For very good service to be a part of the company fabric, we have to be consistent. Consistency comes from every teammate delivering a set of promises every time. Every patient gets rounded on by a Nurse Leader, a Nurse is in your room every hour, and we always explain what we are doing and how long it will take. If you or a family member gets lost, we’ll walk you to your destination. Every inpatient, ambulatory surgery patient, and ER patient receives a discharge phone call after you return home. We do these things because we know they reduce your anxiety, they prevent accidents, and they save lives. It’s how we deliver very good care and service.

Commitment to Patient

Service and safety are the very foundation of the hospital industry, and it must be Monroe County Hospital & Clinic’s number one priority to ensure the personal safety of each and every patient we have the opportunity to care for. It is our culture to “do the right thing” and ‘take care of the patient the way you would want your mother cared for.” When it comes to safety and service, this is all the more important. Our commitment is to foster and support a culture that identifies risks to the operation and workplace and proactively deal with these issues before they become incidents or accidents. In short, it is our aim to create a workplace of zero errors and inconveniences.

To accomplish this goal, we have established the following practices:

  • Every Monroe County Hospital & Clinics teammate will acknowledge the patient and begin care by introducing themselves and their skill set.
  • All patients at Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will have all procedures explained to them, including how long the procedure will take and what happens after the procedure is complete.
  • Every inpatient will be rounded on daily by a Nurse Leader or Administration. A Nurse will round on every patient hourly (every two hours at night). And every inpatient, ER patient, and Outpatient Surgery patient will receive a discharge call within 48 hours of discharge.
  • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will armband every hospital patient to ensure the right tests and procedures are done on the right patient.
  • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will use technology, such as bar coding, to ensure that the right medication in the right dose is administered to the right patient the right way at the right time.
  • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will identify patients at risk of falls and implement processes to prevent falls for occurring. Patients will be notified that they are at fall risk so as to be involved in the prevention of such accidents.
  • To ensure a proactive reporting culture, Monroe County Hospital & Clinics pledges that no disciplinary action will be taken against any employee for reporting a safety occurrence or hazard except in cases of willful noncompliance or intentional disregard of company procedures. Every employee is empowered to stop a process they feel is unsafe without fear of retribution.

Commitment to Employee

Monroe County Hospital & Clinics understand that engaged employees are the key to any successful company. It is our intent to create the best job any employee will ever have. To that end, Monroe County Hospital & Clinics commits to creating a collaborative and cohesive work environment where each employee has opportunity to learn and grow. No employee should ever miss time because of an injury or leave our employment when it could have been prevented.

To accomplish this goal, we have established the following practices:

                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will screen employees with a preset list of behavioral standards. We promise to provide accountability in a fair and consistent manner.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will train its best employees to hire the people they will work with.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics resolves to moving performance up or out. Low performers will be coached until we are working harder at their success than they are. We will not allow low performers to suck the life out of this organization.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will provide you with a very good leader. We commit to providing training to develop that leader through off site training sessions held quarterly. Monroe County Hospital and Clinic leaders will be supportive, visible, approachable, and committed to team goals before their own.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics commits to providing generous pay and benefits, ongoing training for job success, and opportunities for advancement. You will be encouraged to participate in continuous improvement activities and share ideas to make MCHC better.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will praise in public and discipline in private. We pledge to be generous with our praise and recognition for a job well done.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics will provide you with the tools and equipment to do your job safely.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics believe fun and celebration is an important part of a vibrant, successful workplace. You will be encouraged to have fun at work.
                        • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics commits to being aggressively helpful in the resolution of problems or disagreements, while mentoring you to grow in the ability to resolve your own issues.

Commitment to Physician

Monroe County Hospital & Clinics recognizes that without physicians there are no patients. We are committed to creating and maintaining a collaborative environment where physicians are free from frustrations and allowed to practice medicine. We pledge to develop positive relationships between teammates, administration and physicians.

To accomplish this goal, we have established the following practices:

                      • As with all teammates, Monroe County Hospital & Clinics promises to provide salary and benefits that are fair and generous as well as ongoing opportunities to learn and grow.
                      • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics pledges to involve our physicians in our processes. We will invite and encourage participation on our teams and workgroups. We pledge that we will not make substantive changes that impact the ability of our physicians to provide very good care without their input.
                      • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics understands that relationships are the foundation to all that is right in health care. We will work with our physicians to build relationships and install communicative processes second to none.
                      • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics promises to provide a culture that is relentless in our commitment to provide better service and safety to your patients than any hospital in the world. We commit to zero errors, accidents, and inconveniences.
                      • Monroe County Hospital & Clinics believes strongly in praise and recognition. To connect you to purpose and worthwhile work, we commit to recognizing your achievements and efforts. Monroe County Hospital recognizes that the single most valuable commodity a physician has is time. We vow to install processes designed to use our physician’s time wisely.