Seventeen nurses in the MercyOne’s Circle of Care named as Great Iowa Nurses – Leshen & Stephens (MCHC) being TWO of them!

Seventeen nurses in the MercyOne’s Circle of Care named as Great Iowa Nurses – Leshen & Stephens (MCHC) being TWO of them!
Albia, IA: March 4, 2020 – On March 1, 2021, nurses across Iowa were announced as 2021 Great Iowa Nurses, an annual award recognizing nurses that have made meaningful, last contributions to their patients, colleagues, and the nursing profession, and are viewed as mentors to other nursing professionals.

With 100 honorees total, MercyOne congratulates 17 incredible nurses across their system of health services as Great Iowa Nurses. Of those 17 incredible nurses, Monroe County Hospital & Clinics (MCHC) is proud to announce 2 of those work right here in Albia, IA!

Congratulations to Heather Leshen, RN, Assistant Chief Nursing Officer and Kasi Stephens, RN, Outpatient Clinic/Infusion Center! What an outstanding achievement! MCHC is very proud to have two outstanding individuals that have earned this honor!

“It was very easy to nominate Heather for such a deserving reward after watching her throughout the years pick up shifts to help out her coworkers outside of her shifts and around her shifts, being a wonderful mentor to myself and other employees when it comes to providing the best nursing care, and being such a great manager on the medical-surgical floor. Heather is not only a good example of a 100 great nurses award but she continuously shows that she cares for not only her patients but her coworkers as well. She is admired by all her employees and one can only hope to be as knowledgeable and well-rounded as her one day. Congrats Heather!” stated Breanna Coughlin, RN, MCHC Med-Surg.

“Kasi is an incredibly hard-working nurse, putting her patients first no matter where she is working in the hospital. Her compassion is genuine and anyone who has had a chance to work alongside her or has been under her care can attest to this. She is an incredible coworker who makes others strive to be their best and a role model for new nurses,” stated Alyssa Prater, RN, MCHC Infusion Center.
Leshen and Stephens will celebrate virtually on Sunday, May 2, 2021 for the 100 Great Iowa Nurses celebration.
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